Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The March Madness Drinking Game

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that we've created a drinking game for March Madness. In fact, I would be disappointed if it wasn't expected of us.  We are deviating a little from the standard format due to the flexibility that March Madness allows.  Of course, we have our standard seven drinks and three shots. 

 We've also created a drink that we feel fits the overall vibe/feel or each team or school in the tournament.  So, without further adieu, here is the Table 71 Drinking Game for the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

Take a shot for a missed free throw with under ten seconds left.
Take a shot for a buzzer beater
Take a shot for every upset by a 12 seed or higher

Take a drink for every "Live Look In"
Take a drink the entire time there is a video review
Take a drink every time Seth Davis is wrong.
Take a drink for every time they show the players on the bench going crazy
Take a drink every time a players family is shown in the stands
Take a drink every time an announcer mispronounces Gonzaga.
Take a drink every time Clark Kellogg says "Dairy Queen"

Here are the drinks for each school:

Lousville: Vodka Redbull
Syracuse: Screwdiver
Notre Dame: The Irish Carbomb
Colorado State: Coors Light
Marquette: Milwaukee's Best
Duke: Mikes Hard Lemonade
UNC: Pornstar
San Diego State: Margherita
Michigan State: Dry Martini
Wisconsin: Miller Genuine Draft
Pittsburgh: Yuengling
VCU: 151
Arizona; Yaggerbomb
Cal: PBR
UCLA: Peach Bellini
Kansas State: Manhatten
Miami: Hurricane
UNLV: Pink Panty Dropper
New Mexico: Corona
Belmont: Jack and Coke
Pacific: Mai Tai
St. Mary's: Fosters
Indiana: Crown Royal
Ole Miss: Southern Comfort
Michigan: Mimosa
Missouri: Gin & Tonic
St. Louis: Budweiser
James Madison: Hennessy
North Carolina A&T: Adios Motherfucker
Valpo: Bloody Mary
Gonzaga: Washington Apple
Albany: White Russian
Southern: Cognac
Harvard: Cabernet Sauvignon
Florida: Sex On The Beach
Georgetown: The Four Horsemen
Illinois: Champagne
Oregon: Red Stripe
Ohio State: Red Death
Colorado: Coors
Florida Gulf Coast: Pensacola Bushwacker
Iona: Guinness
New Mexico St: Tequila Sunset
South Dakota State: Harvey Wallbanger
Creighton: Tom Collins
Iowa State: Starburst Shooter
Memphis: Whiskey Sour
Bucknell: Rob Roy
Davidson: Fireball
Montana: Black Butte Porter
North Carolina State: Jello Shot
Temple: Old Fashioned
 Butler; Top Hat
Northwestern State: Bourbon Fizz
Western Kentucky: Jim Beam, Up.
Oklahoma State: Keystone Ice
Wichita State: Vodka out of a water bottle.
Oklahoma: Red Beer
Minnesota: Mudslide
Akron: Hot Totty
Villanova: Kamikaze
Kansas: Jameson

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