Friday, March 15, 2013

Movie Drinking Games: Post 7. Scream

Here at Table 71 we love a good flick.  We also love a good cocktail.  However what we enjoy even more is mixing those two together. As always we have chosen 7 events that show up periodically throughout the movie.  When these events take place you take a "drink".  We have also chosen 3 events that show up only once in the movie.  These are the "shot" events.  It is very important that you don't miss the shot events.  The only other rule we have at Table 71 for our Movie Drinking Games is have fun.  You are enjoying a good movie with good people (or alone if that is the way you swing.. we don't judge)

Without any further ado here are the official drinking game rules for Scream.

Drink when someone dies
Drink when there is prank phone call
Drink when a scary movie is referenced
Drink whenever someone implies Sydney's moms a slut
Drink whenever Dewey does something stupid
Drink whenever you see the mask
Drink for the wrongfully accused
Take a shot when someone runs in slow motion
Take a shot when "Everyone is a suspect"
Take a shot for garage door malfunctions

If you have a movie that you would like us to turn into a drinking game please leave in the comments below.  Now go enjoy your night at the movies!

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