Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Super Bowl Drinking Game


 The Super Bowl. A time when you get together with friends and watch football, eat bad food, and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Here at Table 71 this day combines two of the three things that we write about, sports and spirits. So what we have decided to do is combine them into one epic drinking game. What you will see below is some events that take place during the game that are virtually guaranteed to happen, so keep your eyes, ears, and beer cans open as we tell what you to look for to make this game even more enjoyable

 Drink every time the Harbaugh parents are shown.
 Drink every time they show Ray Lewis on the sidelines.
 Drink every time they show Alex Smith looking morose with his hands in his pockets.
 Drink at every beer commercial.
 Drink every time Phil Simms says, "I talked to ___"
 Drink every time Jim Nantz makes an incredibly cheesy comment or bad pun.
 Drink every time Nantz or Simms mentions that Kaepernick ran the pistol at Nevada.
 Drink every time you see Terrell Suggs in a verbal altercation.
 Drink when Ed Reed and "Heady" are mentioned in the same sentence.
 Take a shot if Jay Z shows up at the halftime show.
 Take a shot if David Akers misses a field goal
 Take a shot for every touchdown


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